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Anna Maria Engelmayr

Me and my team will be happy to assist (please check our FAQs, too). We can be reached by mail 24/7 and by telephone between 9.00 am. and 6.00 pm. CET from Monday to Friday. If you wish to have a call outside this time slot, please send an e-mail with name, phone-number and issue and we’ll call you back.

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African Excellence Awards: anna-maria.engelmayr@af.excellence-awards.com
Asia-Pacifc Excellence Awards: anna-maria.engelmayr@ap.excellence-awards.com European Excellence Awards: anna-maria.engelmayr@excellence-awards.eu
Latin American Excellence Awards: anna-maria.engelmayr@la.excellence-awards.com North American Excellence Awards: anna-maria.engelmayr@na.excellence-awards.com

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